China Scholars and Twitter

Sullivan, Jonathan. China scholars and Twitter. The China Quarterly, [First view] published online: 7 February 2017. DOI: (consulté le 14 février 2017)

N.B. : l’article paraîtra dans le n° 229 (mars 2017) de The China Quarterly.


Situating external engagement within the broader context of developments in Western higher education (HE) and technologies that are changing many aspects of academic life, this research note draws on the experiences of a large number of China scholars to assess the merits of Twitter for individual academics and the field as whole. Celebrating its tenth anniversary in March 2016, Twitter has shaken off its earlier image of celebrity stalking and inane ephemera and has become a tool used by many professionals working on China. Despite initial scepticism, many academics have recognized the utility of Twitter for various professional activities, including networking, increasing research visibility, gathering and disseminating information, and building a public profile. As external engagement activities become a routine expectation for academics in many Western universities, social media like Twitter have drawn attention as potentially useful tools. However, there are numerous obstacles to effective use, which this note addresses.


西方高等教育不断朝更广阔的环境发展, 科技也不断改变学术生活的方方面面, 对外联系在此背景下应运而生。基于大量中国学学者的经验, 本研究纪要将探讨推特 (Twitter) 对个体学者及学术领域的积极作用。在 2016 年3月迎来十周年之际, 推特 (Twitter) 已摆脱充斥明星八卦和空泛热点的早期形象, 并逐渐成为众多中国学研究领域专业人士的工具。众多学者最初持怀疑态度, 如今则基本认可推特 (Twitter) 在从事专业活动时的实用性, 其中包括建立联系网、增加研究知名度、收集和传播资讯,以及建立公众形象。随着对外联系活动逐渐成为西方高校学者的常态, 与推特 (Twitter) 类似的社交媒体作为潜在实用工具已引起一定关注。本研究纪要将探讨影响社交媒体高效使用的若干障碍。

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Jonathan Sullivan est directeur du China Policy Institute à l’Université de Nottingham (Royaume-Uni).

Monique Abud

Centre d'études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine, EHESS, Paris, France

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