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Appel à contributions pour un numéro spécial consacré à la cartographie jésuite, à paraître en août 2018 dans la revue Journal of Jesuit Studies. Éditeur du numéro spécial : Robert Batchelor (Georgia Southern University).

Date-limite d’envoi des propositions :  vendredi 19 mai 2017

Journal of Jesuit Studies est une revue publiée par l’éditeur Brill. Elle est intégralement en libre-accès.

As witnessed by the recent exhibition of the world maps of Matteo Ricci and Ferdinand Verbiest at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum, Jesuit cartography still arouses public curiosity centuries after the maps were made. While Jesuit science and mathematics have been the subject of much study, especially in the context of East Asia, the broader and more diverse practices of Jesuit cartography around the world have proven more elusive. At the same time, significant scholarly and public interest remains about both the nature of Jesuit cartography and the longer-term influence it had on the process of imagining localities, nations, empires and cosmologies. Is there coherence to the category “Jesuit cartography”? If so, what created this coherence aside from the Jesuit order itself? How did Jesuit cartography emerge in tandem with indigenous mapping traditions? And finally, why did Jesuit cartography have such important effects on both national and global scales?

The Journal of Jesuit Studies seeks to publish an issue devoted to Jesuit Cartography that will include an overview of the current state of the field of Jesuit cartography along with six topical articles in August of 2018. Abstracts of proposed submissions should be 500 words or less, and are due by Friday, May 19, 2017. Full articles should be approximately 7000 words, including footnotes, and will be due by October 1, 2017. A summary article and bibliography by the issue editor on the historiography of Jesuit cartography will be available to contributors.

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Monique Abud

Centre d'études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine, EHESS, Paris, France

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