East Asian History (Issue 42)

The publication of Issue 42 of East Asian History is freely available at: www.eastasianhistory.org/42. This issue has three original articles:

  • Duncan Campbell: The Huntington Library’s Volume of the Yongle Encyclopaedia

    East Asian History, Issue 42 (March 2018)

    East Asian History, Issue 42 (March 2018)

  • Matthew Lauer: The Death of Hŏ Hamjang: Constructing a Dilemma for Officialdom in Eighteenth-Century Chosŏn
  • Li Yu-ju: Conflict and the Aboriginal-Boundary Policy of the Qing Empire: The Purple Aboriginal Boundary Map of 1784.

Issue 42 also includes the first group of a set articles by the late Professor Igor de Rachewiltz. The first listed here has not been published previously. The latter two have not so far been available online:

  • Sino-Mongolica Remota
  • More About the Story of Cinggis-Qan and the Peace-Loving Rhinoceros
  • On a Recently Discovered MS. of Činggis-Qγan’s Precepts to His Younger Brothers and Sons.

In Issue 43 and subsequent issues the editors will republish more of Professor de Rachewiltz’s articles and reviews, none of which are available online.

The publication of issue 41, freely available at http://www.eastasianhistory.org/41, was guest-edited by Shih-wen Sue Chen, and concerned Chinese culture and society during the 1980s. It has four original articles, two essays in the form of memoirs and an online exhibition:

  • Scott Pacey: “Aspiring to Enlightenment”: Buddhism and Atheism in 1980s China
  • Utiraruto Otehode and Benjamin Penny: Activist Practitioners in the Qigong Boom of the 1980s
  • Liu Qing: The Emergence of Independent Minds in the 1980s
  • Sang Ye: 1984: What’s Been Lost and What’s Been Gained
  • Rui Kunze: Displaced Fantasy: Pulp Science Fiction in the Early Reform Era of the People’s Republic of China
  • Li Meng: Intellectual Men and Women in the 1980s Fiction of Huang Beijia
  • Shih-Wen Sue Chen: Chinese Magazines of the 1980s: An Online Exhibition.

Source: Dr Benjamin Penny, Editor, East Asian History. Senior Research Fellow, Australian Centre on China in the World, The Australian National University.

See East Asian History website at: http://www.eastasianhistory.org/

Monique Abud

Centre d'études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine, EHESS, Paris, France

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