Made in China: On a Chinese Screen

On a Chinese Screen. Media, Power, and Voice in China. Made in China : a quarterly on Chinese labour, civil society, and rights. Vol. 3, n° 3, July-September 2018. [En ligne] URL : (Consulté le 18 octobre 2018)

On a Chinese Screen. Media, Power, and Voice in China

The previous decade saw widespread discussions about the role of the Internet in reshaping power relations in Chinese society. New media—it was widely believed—would give voice to the poor and downtrodden, allow citizens to better supervise government activity, and foster lively cultural exchanges. Workers would also benefit from this, as the Internet provided them with the tools needed to bring their grievances into the spotlight and enhance their ability to connect with their peers to establish new forms of solidarity.

A decade later, what is left of that cyber-utopian discourse? As the Chinese Party-state steps up the censorship and manipulation of online information, and as new media is increasingly used as a means to reinforce control and surveillance over the population, a more sombre assessment of the role of the Internet seems to have gained traction in the court of public opinion.

This issue of Made in China offers a series of essays that assess the relevance of the cyber-utopian discourse against the backdrop of the latest developments in Chinese politics and society.

Numéro intégralement en libre accès.

Monique Abud

Centre d'études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine, EHESS, Paris, France

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