The Chinatown in Peru and the Changing Peruvian Chinese Community(ies)

Isabelle Lausent-Herrera vient de publier un article sur la communauté chinoise à Lima, au Pérou, dans la revue Journal of Chinese Overseas 7 (2011) 69-113.  L’article est disponible gratuitement en ligne pour une durée limitée, mais non précisée

The Chinese quarter established in Lima shortly after the arrival in 1849 of Chinese indenturedlaborers, mainly from the Guangdong province, has gone through significant changes duringits long history. Perhaps the more significant of these have occurred since the last two decadeswith a new influx of Chinese immigrants mostly of Fujian origin. Instead of reinforcing theChinese community the coexistence of the old and new Chinese has led to fragmentation,competition and increasing social tension in the Chinese community in Peru, not least in redefiningthe Huiguan’s role. Competition has intensified not only in terms of pricing but alsolooking for commercial space (stores and warehouses). Wholesale importers of Chinese manufacturedgoods, restaurateurs, hoteliers and spa managers have extended their businesses beyondthe old limits of Lima’s Chinatown. Does this spell the end of Chinatown or the beginning ofmultiple Chinese quarters? lire la suite

Sur les travaux récents concernant les Chinois d’Outre-mer, voir Claudine Salmon , « Recent Research from France on the Chinese outside China (2006-2011)», Chin’electrodoc, [En ligne], mis en ligne le 16 mai 2011. URL :

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