Les archives municipales de Pékin

A review of Beijing Municipal Archives (北京市档案馆), by Arunabh Ghosh

I recently completed a year of dissertation research in Beijing, a substantial portion of which was spent at the Beijing Municipal Archives (BMA). This was my second visit to the archives, having also spent a few weeks there during the summer of 2009. My research is on statistics during the first decade of the PRC. The BMA are located in a white multi-storey building with green eaves at 42 Puhuangyu Road, in Fengtai district, just within the third ring road in southern Beijing. Puhuangyu road runs north-south, and the archives are a short walk from both the Puhuangyu (to the north) and Liujiayao (to the south) stops on the Beijing Metro 5 (purple) line. The archives are open 9:15 to 5:15 Monday through Friday and do not close for xiuxi. During the lunch hour, the staff does thin out, but the reading room remains open and the reference/copy counter is manned by at least one archivist.

The public area of the archives comprises three large halls: the entrance hall houses the reception desk where you register and request materials, lockers to store your bag, a small library section with resources on Beijing, and several desks with computers to access the catalog or digitized archives. Adjoining the entrance hall is the main reading room, which has approximately 40 desks. Connected to the reading room is a large enclosed rest area.  Read more on Dissertations reviews

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