Call for new dissertations and new reviewers

«Lu sur H-ASIA»:

Dissertation Reviews is a website that features friendly,  non-critical overviews of recently defended and unpublished  dissertations. Dissertation Reviews currently covers 15 fields,  including Chinese History, Japan Studies, Korean Studies, South Asian  Studies, Southeast Asian Studies, Inner Asian Studies, Tibetan and  Himalayan Studies and many more.

The goal of the site is to offer all scholars a glimpse of the  “immediate present” of the field. Rather than reviewing monographs,  the publication of which may take a number of years after the  completion of a project, the site is dedicated to examining what is  happening right now in the field.

The Asia-related branches of Dissertation Reviews are currently  seeking new dissertations to be featured in the 2012-2013 season. If  you would like to have your dissertation reviewed (2011 defense  onwards), or would like to contribute a review, please contact us at:

Editor-in-Chief — Thomas Mullaney (Stanford University)
Managing Editor — Leon Rocha (University of Cambridge)
Dissertation Reviews – Asian Studies Fields  For more details, please visit the  sites below

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