A Scholarly Review of Chinese Studies in North America

A Scholarly Review of Chinese Studies in North America, Edited by Haihui Zhang, Zhaohui Xue, Shuyong Jiang, and Gary Lance Lugar

E-Book available to download free of charge

Features a Foreword by Gail Hershatter and essays by prominent Chinese studies scholars:

  • Paul R. Goldin • Cynthia L. Chennault • Scott Pearce • Hilde De Weerdt • Bettine Birge
  • Martin J. Heijdra • Evelyn S. Rawski • Matthew H. Sommer • Benjamin A. Elman
  • Christopher Isett • Thomas G. Rawski • Xueguang Zhou • Wei Zhao • Yanjie Bian
  • Elizabeth J. Perry • Martin Kern • Ronald Egan • Wilt L. Idema • Edward M. Gunn
  • Ban Wang • Victor H. Mair • Bell Yung • Cary Y. Liu

ISBN: 978-0-924304-72-9

478 pages. 2013. Available in e-book format only.


Jacqueline Nivard

Jacqueline Nivard, Centre d'études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine

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