Conference “Shaping the sciences of the ancient world”

Conference “Shaping the sciences of the ancient world”

Conference organized by the ERC research project “Mathematical sciences in the ancient world” (SAW)

A growing number of historiographical approaches shed light on how critical editions and translations of scientific texts have been made, in the past. This has been famously the case concerning ancient Greek mathematics (through the works of Knorr, Vitrac, Netz, and Saito among others). These works have underlined how assumptions on what a mathematical text should be, and what its diagrams should look like, gave shape to geometrical classical works of Greek Antiquity. Much still needs to be uncovered in the history of science. More generally, the history of philologies has been the object of a renewed interest. In this context, the ERC project SAW is organizing a conference whose aim is to gain critical awareness vis-à-vis critical editions and translations that are often the main source materials for historians of science.


June 17—21, 2013


Université Paris 7
Building Condorcet, Amphithéâtre Pierre-Gilles de Gennes
4 rue Elsa Morante, PARIS 75013

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Aurélia Martin

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