Corporate Social Responsibility in China

Vermander, Benoît (2013). Corporate social responsibility in China : a vision, an assessment and a blueprint. Singapore: World Scientific. 354 p. ISBN : 978-981-4520-77-5

Over the years, many corporations have been trying to determine what they can and should do to contribute to the sustainability of the economic, social and ecological environment within which they operate. Corporate social responsibility has become a key senior management issue worldwide and an increasingly debated topic in China. This book aims at helping companies operating in China to better assess and exercise their corporate social responsibility (CSR) in specific contexts. The purpose of this book is to show that CSR has a strong economic pay back in the long run, that it is a key success factor in nurturing corporate excellence, and that a sense of urgency and accrued inventiveness are required from companies operating in China.

Cross-disciplinary in scope, the book aims at helping students and analysts in political science, governance, international relations and Chinese studies to understand and appreciate the unique role that firms play in shaping a new China. It focuses on the relationship between the state, civil society and corporations in the Chinese context. It researches the conditions under which this relationship might result in redefining China’s developmental model.

This practical, business-oriented book takes into account China’s classical and contemporary thought on CSR. It is the result of a long research and collaborative process with several institutions and industry leaders.


  • Introduction
  • CSR in the Chinese Context: A Vision:

    • What is CSR?
    • The Legal, Professional and Social Framework
    • Chinese Cultural Resources Relevant to CSR
    • CSR and Corporate Strategy
    • Corruption and Business Activities
  • Thematic Analysis and Lines of Action: An Assessment:

    • Environmental Standards and ConcernsSafety Issues
    • Social Standards and the Working Force
    • Gender Equality/ Training/ Well-Being at Work
    • Conflict Management and Prevention
  • Transversal Issues: A Blueprint:

    • Making Ethical Assessments: Finances, Engineering and Conflicts of Interests
    • CSR and Corporate Governance
    • Reports, Foundations, Projects and Networks
    • Social Entrepreneurship
    • The Role of the Corporation in Tomorrow’s China
  •  Conclusion and Prospects

Monique Abud

Centre d'études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine, EHESS, Paris, France

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