UCLA-Shanghai Jiaotong University 2015 Summer Text and Research Methodology Workshop

UCLA-Shanghai Jiaotong University
2015 Summer Text and Research Methodology Workshop

New Materials and Inter-disciplinary Methods of Studying Twentieth-century Chinese History


  • July 6-12, 2015


  • Shanghai Jiaotong University


  • March 15, 2015

The UCLA Asia Institute invites applications by students from all disciplines who are interested in using newly available county-level archival materials from the mid-20th century to study the formation and implementation of government policies in local situations. An ever increasing amount of new archival material on Chinese history, especially post-1949 history, is being amassed by scholars in China. In the second annual SJTU-UCLA Text and Research Methodology Workshop, participants will undertake intensive reading and study of a selection of such new materials collected by faculty and students at SJTU for which new scholarship in Chinese has begun to emerge. While reading archival sources is essential to historical research, these Chinese county-level materials should also be useful to anthropology, economics, political science and sociology students as well as those pursuing cultural studies in other disciplines who choose to examine the interface between discourse and political practice. Participants may apply to participate in a SJTU workshop immediately following that will consider environmental history and GIS.

This six-day intensive summer reading and translation workshop will be held at Shanghai Jiaotong University and led jointly by Cao Shuji, Professor of History at SJTU, and R. Bin Wong, Distinguished Professor of History at UCLA. The workshop is intended to serve students developing dissertation topics in an environment that brings together International and Chinese-based graduate students. Sessions will be conducted in a combination of Chinese and English languages. Professor Cao will lead the morning sessions on archival reading and Professor Wong will lead afternoon sessions on research methodologies. The schedule will consist of four days of morning reading and afternoon discussion; two days of group work and presentations; and a final one-day field trip.

The procedure for application submission varies depending on the applicant’s affiliation.

Please consult the website for more information


Monique Abud

Centre d'études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine, EHESS, Paris, France

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