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Sullivan, Jonathan. Taiwan 2016 academic resources : National identity. China Policy Institute Blog, January 6, 2016. URL : http://blogs.nottingham.ac.uk/chinapolicyinstitute/2016/01/06/taiwan-2016-academic-resources-national-identity/(Consulté le 6 janvier 2016)

Throughout democratization and into the democratic era, questions around national identity, Taiwan’s current and future status, and relations with China have been an inescapable and highly contested feature of the political landscape. Indeed, as the sophisticated study by Wachman 1994 shows, national identity and nationalist themes evolved or co-evolved as the major cleavage in Taiwanese society as democratization processes expanded and deepened with democratization. Another good starting point for investigating the complexities of national identity, particularly in terms of individual understandings, is the collection of Corcuff 2002.

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Sullivan, Jonathan. Taiwan 2016 academic resources : Democracy. China Policy Institute Blog, January 11, 2016. URL : http://blogs.nottingham.ac.uk/chinapolicyinstitute/2016/01/11/taiwan-2016-academic-resources-democracy/ (Consulté le 12 janvier 2016)

Taiwan is one of a number of democracies that began their transition around the same time; sometimes referred to in Huntington’s terminology as ‘Third Wave’ democracies. Taiwan’s experience of democracy has rendered it an increasingly common subject of comparative research, further aided by participation in a number of cross national data collection projects. One of the most popular areas of comparative research is popular attitudes towards democracy. Chu et al 2008compares attitudes in Taiwan to seven other East Asian countries, not all of them democracies, using the East Asian Barometer survey collections which are based in Taiwan. South Korea and Taiwan share a number of features in common; Confucian cultural heritage, a former developmental state, similarly timed economic miracles and transitions to democracy etc. As such they are frequently compared. Diamond and Shin 2014 (my review) is the most recent example of comparative research on various aspects of the two cases’ experience of democracy, now entering the “maturing” phase, in terms of the economy, foreign relations and politics.

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Centre d'études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine, EHESS, Paris, France

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