Sigmund Freud Meets Nezha the Child Deity: Oedipal God

Lam, Raymond. Sigmund Freud Meets Nezha the Child Deity: Oedipal God. Book review. Buddhistdoor. 31 December 2015. URL : (consulté le 22 janvier 2016).

23953690192_ae7ff8c599Meir Shahar’s Oedipal God: The Chinese Nezha and His Indian Origins is a tour de force that has raised the bar for gripping writing and scholarly daring in Buddhist Studies. The god of this study, Nezha, is a beloved but relatively inconsequential divinity in Chinese Buddhism. Often seen in Chinese folk temples as an attendant to Guanyin, he cannot match her importance or that of other prime bodhisattvas in the Buddhist pantheon. Yet through him, Shahar has masterfully brought together two towering schools of thought, Buddhism and Freudian psychology, in one valuable book. He also reminds us of Nezha’s tantric origins and how he was part of an entire spiritual tradition that diffused into Tang dynasty (618–907) China.

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Fiche de l’ouvrage sur le site de University of Hawai’i Press

Page personnelle de Meir Shahar (université de Tel Aviv)

Monique Abud

Centre d'études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine, EHESS, Paris, France

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