Conférences filmées de James Cahill sur les peintures chinoise et japonaise

Deux séries de conférences filmées, délivrées par James Cahill, professeur émérite à l’université de Californie à Berkeley, sont disponibles sur le site web de l’IEAS (Institute of East Asian Studies), en téléchargement libre. Les deux séries peuvent être vues en haute résolution (1080p) et sont entièrement libres de droits. Dans ces vidéos, James Cahill commente dans le détail des milliers de peintures.

La première série, A Pure and Remote View: Visualizing Early Chinese Landscape Painting, traite des premières peintures de paysage chinoises et japonaises.

U34 9A

Lecture 9A: Li Tang and His Followers

This videotaped and moving-image lecture series, conceived by UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus James Cahill, is a legacy of his life’s work in the history of the visual arts of China. Composed of short introductions and over 2,200 detailed high-resolution images of selected Chinese paintings and works of pictorial art from the early period up to the end of the Song dynasty in the late thirteenth century, this series was written and narrated entirely by Professor Cahill. For ease of viewing, the lectures contain chapter markers identifying the major works of art discussed. In addition, the names of some artists and works are given in pinyin and traditional and simplified Chinese characters. Lecture notes, which provide further information on the topics discussed as well as suggested readings, accompany the video files.

La deuxième série, Gazing into the Past: Scenes from Later Chinese and Japanese Painting, traite des peintures chinoise et japonaise tardives.

Lecture 21 - BAM Sakaki Hyakusen Lecture

Lecture 21 – BAM Sakaki Hyakusen Lecture

As the series title suggests, the artists in this late period often evoked in their viewers’ minds poignant memories of earlier paintings they had seen by « quoting » the styles and subjects of those older paintings, the image used for the opening and closing credits is from a work of just that kind, painted by Luo Ping in 1798. The painting depicts an old man inhaling the fragrance of a flowering branch as he reminisces about a friend from his distant past. The background music, played by Cahill’s daughter, Sarah, a professional pianist, is « Forlane » from Ravel’s piano suite Le Tombeau de Couperin, which similarly calls up piercing memories of that composer’s style.

L’Académie chinoise des arts de Hangzhou devrait inaugurer prochainement une bibliothèque numérique consacrée à James Cahill. Les deux séries de conférences y seront mises en ligne à l’intention des internautes chinois :

Par ailleurs, neuf autres conférences de James Cahill seront petit à petit mises en ligne sur le site de l’IEAS.

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